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Frequently Asked Questions

How do I get a CRISP laundry bag?

CRISP laundry bags are available at a CRISP truck. Each student receives a personal bag when they sign up for service.

Where do I drop off my laundry?

CRISP trucks are stationed around campus three days a week. Drop your laundry off to any truck on any day you wish. Find the truck location here.

When can pick up my laundry?

Our trucks are on campus 3 times per week. Your laundry is always returned on the next laundry day. i.e. drop it off on Monday, it’s on that next truck, Wednesday, for you to pick up.

Where do you wash my clothes?

Your clothes are laundered in commercial grade washers and dryers in our private laundry facilities.

Who washes my clothes?

CRISP laundry professionals are trained specifically to wash your clothes. Great care is taken to ensure your clothes are returned clean and fresh.

What products do you use to wash my clothes?

Eco-friendly, dye-free detergents are used to make your clothes look their best.

How is the laundry done?

Your clothes are always washed and dried separately from other customers. Clothes are sorted into dark and light and washed separately. Your clothes are quickly taken from the dryer and folded to minimize wrinkling.

What if my bag weighs more than the plan I selected?

No problem, any weight overages will be processed and charged at $1.50/lb for only the weight above your limit.

What happens if something is lost or damaged?

We take great pride in how we handle your clothing. If something were to happen to an article of your clothing, we will work closely with you to rectify that.

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