Just bring us your dirty laundry and it’s done.

You have better things to do with your time.

Step 1: Bring Your Laundry to the CRISP truck.

Crisp Laundry trucks are parked at strategic places on Campus several days a week. Just bring your dirty laundry in your own CRISP laundry bag and drop it off at the truck.

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CRISP College Laundry Service Step 1: Bring Your Laundry to the CRISP truck
CRISP College Laundry Service Step 2: Do Anything but Laundry

Step 2: Do Anything but Laundry.

You’re not wasting time doing laundry, so now you can knock something else off your list. Finish that paper that’s due tomorrow, hang with your friends, take a nap-Anything but laundry!

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Step 3: Enjoy Fresh Clothes

Your laundry will be professionally cleaned, folded, and returned to you in a tight package. Stop by the Crisp truck on the next scheduled day and pick up your bag and be on your way.

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CRISP College Laundry Service Step 3: Enjoy Fresh Clothes

Why CRISP College Laundry?

Because Doing Laundry is ... NOT Fun

CRISP laundry is a convenient alternative to the chore of laundry. Stop waiting for a machine to be free. Stop worrying that someone is going to pull your clothes out of a machine so they can use it. Stop wasting your time on this boring task.

CRISP professionals take the utmost care in cleaning your clothing. Your clothes will be returned to you tightly folded and packaged. Drop it off and pick it up. Do Anything but Laundry.

CRISP College Laundry Service Because Doing Laundry is not Fun

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$ 295 per semester

Not a "high maintenance" individual! Only averaging one outfit per day? Use the same towel all week? This plan's for you. Approximately 1-2 Large loads.

  • 15lb a week


$ 495 per semester

Class outfits, gym clothes, and hitting the parties, this plan cleans them all! Don’t keep using that musty towel, grab a fresh one! Approximately 2 XL loads.

  • 25lb a week


$ 595 per semester

Posting multiple outfits on Instagram daily? All your clothes, towels, sheets, you wore it, we’ve got it covered. Also good for athletes. 2 XXL Loads.

  • 30lb a week

*One Time Use - We get it, we like each other, but you’re not ready to update your relationship status. We’re here when you need us, but you don’t have to commit to the whole semester. We’ll offer you the same great service for $1.50 /lb. You’ll still get a Crisp bag, no charge, to use when you miss us.

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